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Spa Pool Servicing and Maintenance - Let us come to you!

We understand that not everyone has time to maintain their spa.  Our team of trained technicians provide friendly and reliable service - including tailored packages to meet all your needs.

We also offer spa maintenance and repairs, working closely with property managers if required to get your spa up and running ASAP !

Full Valet Spa Service

Vacuum and brush spa

Water analysis and treatment

Treat and rinse filter

Clean all surface inside and out

General inspection of equipment

Clean Spa area 

Travel Included

Re stock Sanitizer

Spa maintenance and servicing queenstown
Spa maintenance and servicing queenstown
Spa Hire Queenstown/Wanaka - Spa couple - Hot Tub Queenstown
Spa Hire Queenstown/Wanaka - spa family, hot tub Queenstown

Spa Hire Queenstown is your local spa pool specialist.  If you have a hot pool or spa in need of maintenance contact us today!

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